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The Mall of the Metaverse. An E-commerce meta experience

Amazingly Immersive.

Using the latest in web3 technology comes the next evolution in online shopping.

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VBUYR - Mall of the Metaverse

This is best played on a PC or a Mac but it will work on any platform.

VBUYR Controls

First Person Controls

W – Forward
A – Left
S – Back
D – Right
Space – Jump
Mouse – Look
100% Virtual
VBuyR utilizes Web3 technology to create a virtual shopping experience for anyone, anywhere.
Socialize with other patrons much the same way you would in person. Connect, play, enjoy.
Real World Utility
Buy products and services (real & virtual) in VBuyR and have it delivered to your address in real life.
Take Us Anywhere
There are virtually no limits to how far VBUYR will go. The future of retail is within VBUYR.


Coming soon you will be able to download and explore the features of VBuyR Demo.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Pricing Plans

Merge your business with the metaverse

Lease or buy real estate in VBuyR for your business. This immersive marketplace is designed to create an interactive shopping experience for global users.